The days we are living in are not unlike the days of King Cyrus who God anointed to be His shepherd (Isaiah 44:28) to help in the return and restoration of His people, Israel.  “Who is there among you of all His people?  Now let him go up to Jerusalem to build the house of the Lord…whoever remains in any place where he sojourns, let the men of this place help him with  silver and gold and with goods and livestock…”  Ezra 1:3-4 says the Lord stirred up the spirit of King Cyrus to restore the Jewish people to their land and to help them to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem.  In the same Spirit, we have established the Cyrus Foundation as an expression of our love and support to Israel, as Christians, fulfilling the mandate God has given us in His Word to help the Jews return to their land and to their God.  The Cyrus Foundation makes finances available for families or individuals needing help to make Aliyah from North, Central and South America and other western nations by covering shipping or travel costs.


Your giving has already touched many lives…many more Jewish people are now contacting us for help.  Will you support them and become part of the Cyrus Foundation? Will you show your love and comfort in a tangible way to God’s covenant people as they journey to their homeland?

“…Bring My sons from afar, and My daughters from the ends of the earth.”  Isa.43:6


Why Should We Help?
In fulfillment of Bible prophecy, the Church is to be an integral part of this promised restoration of Israel. The Bible states clearly that Christians, in the nations, have a responsibility to be a part of bringing His people back to Israel. For example, Isaiah 49:22 says specifically, “I will beckon to the Gentiles, I will lift up my banner to the peoples; they will bring your sons in their arms and carry your daughters on their shoulders.” We have a calling to comfort, pray and provide for the Jewish people as they make their way back to their homeland and settle. Isaiah 14: 1-2, 43: 5-6, 40:1-2, Jeremiah 31:7-8, Psalm 102:13-16.


Donations are tax deductible.